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FBI Agent Job Description Read More About the Pay, Necessary Skills, & More

FBI Agent Job Description Read More About the Pay, Necessary Skills, & More

FBI Agent Job Description: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the main investigative division of the federal government and one of the top law enforcement organisations in the entire world. The FBI’s special agents work to ensure security in the country while simultaneously looking into federal crimes.

As opposed to crimes that are violations of state or municipal laws, federal crimes are defined as actions that violate federal law. Federal offences include things like kidnapping, mail fraud, and bank robbery. The FBI frequently has jurisdiction over criminal activity that occurs beyond state lines.

To apply to be a special agent with the FBI, a candidate must have a strong educational foundation, be able to pass stringent background checks, and successfully complete physical fitness exams.

Salary of FBI agents

On the law enforcement government pay scale, FBI special agents start out as General Schedule (GS) 10 personnel and can graduate to the GS 13 grade level in nonsupervisory duties. Executive, managerial, and supervisory occupations are compensated at the GS 14 and GS 15 levels. Additionally, agents receive availability pay and locality pay, which together represent a roughly 25% raise in income due to the necessity of working overtime.

Annual Salary for GS 10-13: $48,297-$98,317
Annual Salary for GS 14–15: $89,370–136,659

FBI Agent Competencies & Skills

Candidates are given priority in the hiring process after being accepted into one of the five entrance programmes based on a list of essential competencies that the FBI is seeking candidates with. These abilities may consist of:

Accounting and finance: Following the money can play a significant role in a variety of investigations.

Information technology: Since computers are a prominent instrument in most contemporary criminal operations, it is frequently necessary to retrieve secret data or keep an eye on electronic interactions.

Foreign languages: Multilingual agents are very useful because not everyone involved in investigations speaks English.

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Legal expertise: A solid command of the law can aid in expanding the scope of an investigation or prevent other investigations from being hampered by legal blunders.

Information, Instruction, and Certification

Being an FBI agent is a difficult career with stringent entry standards in several areas:

Education: A four-year degree from an approved college or university is required of potential FBI agents.

Experience: Prior to joining the FBI, candidates must have three years of professional job experience.

Background: Potential agents go through a thorough background investigation that considers both suitability and security. The appropriateness section of the check examines past criminal activity, drug use, financial situation, and employment history. The security component investigates the personal backgrounds of candidates, including their ancestry and any organisations they may have belonged to. During this investigation, friends and neighbours may be questioned.

Training: All FBI agents receive extensive training during the first 21 weeks of their employment at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Trainees live on-campus during their time at the FBI Academy and take part in a wide variety of activities. During class time, students explore a range of academic and investigative topics. In-depth instruction in physical conditioning, defensive tactics, real-world application drills, and firearms use are also part of the FBI Academy curriculum.

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Fitness: Applicants must successfully complete a fitness test consisting of five exercises: sit-ups, a 300-meter sprint, continuous push-ups, a timed 1.5-mile run, and pull-ups. Candidates must obtain a minimum overall score as well as a minimum score in each category.

Duties and responsibilities of an FBI agent

Regardless of their areas of expertise, special agents in the FBI should be proficient in the following tasks:

gathering data
examining data
Interviewing and questioning
Computer literate
employing weapons
examining shifts in criminal behaviour
keeping one’s physical and mental health

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