The "spinning cube" UFO is less frequently reported than the classic flying saucer.

or even the black triangle, but lately it has been shown in more videos.

Detractors assert that it is nothing more than a simple optical illusion caused by a bird, bug, or balloon captured on pixelated digital footage and appearing as a brilliant, spinning cube.

This kind of UFO has allegedly been seen by eyewitnesses in Ohio, Missouri, and even some pilots.

This particular encounter is intriguing since the object came during an airshow.

People may be seen standing about on a beach in the film "Catch the very quick UFO" as an airshow plane passes overhead.

Suddenly, a spinning, light object of some type emerges from the water, flits across the screen, and then disappears.

The video can be slowed down and stabilised even more in the comments, where viewers can try and fail to recognise it.

One says, "This is the best UAP video I've seen in years."

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