In the second quarter, billionaire investor Daniel Loeb, the head of Third Point, reversed course on Disney by purchasing a share after selling the company's holdings in the previous quarter.

considering that we have recently acquired a sizeable portion of the Company again," Loeb wrote to Disney CEO Robert Chapek in a letter obtained by Reuters.

Striking a conciliatory tone, Loeb said that while Disney should reduce expenses, pay off debt, and buy back shares, some adjustments might already be in the works.

As the network lost cable subscribers, Puck, a trade newspaper for the industry, revealed last year that Disney had thought about splitting off ESPN.

In addition, Loeb suggests that Disney buy the remaining stock in Hulu from minority shareholder Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O) earlier than the anticipated 2024 acquisition date.

The activist investor also criticized the company's board, saying there are "gaps in talent and experience as a group that must be addressed" and added that Third Point has identified potential directors.

After Disney had already given it some thought, he advised them to employ bankers and attorneys to "reassess the desirability of the purchase in the current context."

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