watch how Suns Star Reacts to the Shocking News from J. J. Watt

J. J. Watt is in the middle of his second season with the Cardinals, but he still hasn't fully adapted to life in Arizona.

On Saturday, Watt posted on social media that he had found a baby rattlesnake in his bathroom.

The well-known pass rusher later disclosed that it was ultimately discovered that the snake was a "completely harmless" Longnose snake.

Even if it's encouraging, it's nevertheless unsettling that he found the reptile in his house.

The star player for the Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, has expressed his desire to avoid experiencing the same scenario.

When Watt noticed Paul's response, he made the decision to tease him.

These men thankfully won't soon have to deal with snakes in their homes. As someone who was raised in the Northeast, even the idea of that makes me uneasy.