Chivas suffered a red card against Atlas

Up until Miguel Ponce was dismissed for a foul on Santamara, Chivas had a man advantage.

In the opening ten minutes of this Clasico Tapatio, there was a goal that was disallowed and a red card at Estadio Akron.

Just 42 seconds into the game, Isaac Brizuela had scored, but the goal was disallowed for offside.

When Emanuel Aguilera dropped the ball, the forward scored, but it wasn't counted.

Brizuela was struck in the face by Luis Reyes during the eighth minute of the ongoing battle.

In an effort to steal the ball from Brizuela, EI Hueso Reyes raised his foot and struck Brizuela in the face.

Heading 3

He received a yellow card from the referee, Marco Antonia Ortiz, but after video assistant referee (VAR) review, he dismissed the Atlas player.

With this, Chivas and Atlas are again in a level field, as Chivas keeps on struggling to find the opponents goal

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