Brendan Hines' secret marriage to Tatiana Maslany is revealed.

To the audience, Maslany announced, "I got married. She joked, "Nobody knows, so don't tell anyone."

There are some things you want to keep private, Maslany said of her decision to hide the details of her wedding from the public.

She said to Colbert, "But we felt like you were the appropriate person to say it to.

 Maslany did not say when the couple were married, but she did say that owing to the pandemic, they had a tiny wedding.

"Ceremony day went very well. It was a very chill day," she said

Since December 2020, there have been rumours that Maslany and Hines are dating.

They were first seen together when out to dinner in July 2021.

Maslany will serve as the lead in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the newest superhero programme on Disney+, which premieres on August 17.