A Second Act for One of Hollywood's Most Notable Estates

The past of Beverly Hills is frequently obliterated. Residents of Southern California's most well-known zip code have grown accustomed to seeing grand houses torn down

This looked to be a one-way tendency until many recent purchasers of mansions constructed in the 1920s showed that money and taste can coexist.

The meticulously planned refurbishment of the Beverly Estate, a house designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann, by investor and philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen

is the clearest illustration of this shift of course. Berggruen bought the historic home in 2021 with that very dedication in mind after having his eyes on it for a while

 He explains, "I had first seen the house years ago, and when i heard it was available, I wanted to celebrate it and give it new life."

The architecture, history, and personalities of the residents and guests all captured his attention. He continues, "It's special place, so dramatic and theatrical, and yet so lovely."

image source: google

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